Plant Diagnosis API

Our API enables constant monitoring for your farmers, helping improve their yields and decrease losses.

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R&D Acceleration

From the laboratory to the field, we offer an API allowing agricultural R&D teams to drastically reduce development time.

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Operations Automation

Automate manual labor tasks in areas such as crop processing, distribution, grocery stores, and more. 

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Bringing Vision To All Agricultural Equipment


Integrate deepgreen AI With Your Native App

 The plant diagnosis API detects pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies affecting your crops, and it's utilized by all types of mobile applications and equipment, from LED lighting in indoor cultivations to irrigation system, tractors and drones in outdoor farming. Powered by machine learning, our API performs across a wide range of resolutions and different types of plants, giving users instant feedback on a problem.

Reduce Your Development Time, Allowing You To Build More, Faster


Use computer vision and artificial intelligence to make smarter decisions, faster. deepgreen's R&D Acceleration API brings objective measurements stored in an easy-to-use database and dashboard, allowing for quantatitive analytics and a direct path to innovation.


Laboratory Diagnostics

Bringing autonomous data and analytics to your laboratory, and cut your research time significantly. No longer do scientists need to manually monitor and measure their experiments. Instead, deepgreen will send notifications and log every measurement, from measurements, to emergence or even color, we bring precision to your variables. 


Real-time Phenotyping

Clipboards and approximations are a thing of the past. deepgreen allows your researchers to monitor exact phenotypical criteria from their own desk, allowing them to spend time on improving your product.

Whether you're measuring seeds, chemicals, soil, or  environmental technologies, we'll help you choose the most efficient solution while documenting its performance in rigorous detail. 


We solve your headaches by automating manual tasks with computer vision


From detection of plastic on a conveyor belt of organic matter to counting almond yield, our Operations Automation API brings artificial intelligence to your tedious processes. Using computer vision, we help customers automate time-consuming activities. 


Processing Quality/Sorting

Integrate the detection of quality or sorting capabilities to any use case. We serve clients in trash, fruit, seed production, and even pharmaceuticals, to create the eyes of autonomous solutions for labor-intensive processes.



Grocer Produce Monitoring

Over 12% of produce is lost while on display, and those numbers quickly grow when paired with customers abandoning an item because of its unslightly neighbors.

Using deepgreen, grocers can monitor every item on the shelf with analytics on the detection and time to spoilage, low inventory, and consumer buying behavior across all your stores, helping you source, stock and price more efficiently.